Sizzling House Of Kabab Menu
Try a grilled sizzling taste of best Kababs in town
"Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy."
"Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions"

Appetizers Price Soups Price
  #19- Stuffed Grape leaves
(Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs)
$3.85   #24- Lentil Soup
(A blend of Lentil Beans, herbs and spices in chicken broth)
  #20- Hummus
(Chickpeas blended with lemon Juice, Olive oil & herb)
$4.50   #25- Barley Soup
(A blend of barley, chicken broth and herbs)
  #21- Baba Ghanoush
(Smoked grilled eggplant & Sesame sauce)
  #22- Mirzaghasemi
(Grilled eggplant sauteed in tomato paste and herbs)
  #23- Falafel
(Served with Lettuce and Sesame sauce)
Salads Price Sandwiches Sub or wraps
  #29- Grilled Chicken Salad $8.95   #10- Falafel
(Fried Chickpeas, Spice , herbs & hummus )
  #30- Grilled Shrimp Salad $8.95   #11- Beef Shawarma
(Marinated sliced beef, Cucumber, Tahini & Hummus)
  #31- Shirazi Salad
(Cucumber, tomato, onion with lemon juice and olive oil)
$3.95   #12- Chicken Shawarma
(Marinated tender, Cucumber, Tahini & Hummus)
  #32- Tabouleh Salad.
(Parsley, cucumber, onion, bulgur with lemon juice and olive oil)
$3.95   #13- Chicken Teriyaki $6.95
  #33- Sweet Corn salad
( Corn ,Beets, Roasted Sesame with Special dressing)
$4.50   #14- BBQ Chicken $6.95
  #34- Spinach Sesame Salad
(Marinated Spinach, Roasted sesame)
$4.50   #15- Hot Dog
(Pan fried with special sauce)
  #35- Garden Salad
(Choice of House dressing is highly recommended)
$5.95   #16- Hamburger
(served with special sauce)
**Our plates come with white rice tabouleh & hummus
Plates & Sandwiches Kabab
Plates Sub or Wraps Specialty Plates (Seasoned Rice) Plates
  #1- Beef Kabab
(Marinated steak tip)
$10.75 N/A   #26- Dilled Rice With Chicken
(White rice seasoned with dill & garlic, served with stewed chicken in house special tomato sauce)
  #1A- Lamb Kabab
(Marinated Lamb)
$11.95 $9.75   #27- Lentil Rice With Chicken
(White rice & lentils served with stewed chicken in house special tomato Sauce)
  #2- Chicken Kabab
(Marinated tender)
$9.95 $7.99
  #3- Ground Beef Kabab
(Flavored ground beef)
$9.85 $7.99
  #4- Ground Chicken Kabab
(Flavored ground chicken)
$9.85 $7.99      
  #5- Beef & Chicken
(Marinated Beef & chicken)
$14.75 N/A      
  #6- Ground Beef & Chicken Combo
(Flavored beef & chicken)
$9.95 $7.99      
Vegetarian Plates Sub or Wraps Seafood Kababs Plates
  #17- Veggie Teriyaki
(Stir fried mushroom, onion, green pepper, zucchini served with seasoned rice or sub)
$8.85 $7.95   #7- Shrimp Kabab
(Marinated Shrimp, rice)
  #18- Eggplant Teriyaki
(Stir-fry eggplant In teriyaki garlic sauce served with rice or sub)
$8.85 $7.95   #8- Salmon Kabab
(Marinated Salmon, rice)
    #9- Fish of the day Kabab
(Marinated fish, rice)
Side Orders Price
  #36- Yogurt Cucumber  
(Lightly sweetened yogurt, sliced cucumber & herbs)
  #37- French Fries $3.25
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